Fleur&Aldo kitchen: stuffed peppers with meat

This is a full meal if you pair it with one slice of bread, or a high-protein healthy meal if you dont.
In the italian tradition peppers can be stuffed with a lot of things, especially rice, but Fleur&Aldo kitchen goes for meat… carnivourous FTW

For the quantity of ingredients you just try to mix things, you cant go wrong
what do u need:

peppers! red, yellow, green, orange, the more colors the merrier (they have slightly different vitamins in it)

for the stuffing:
red minced meat, beef or veal
tasty sausages, but with no flavour in it (no spicy or fennel or such)
GOOD grated cheese, parmigiano and pecorino if possible (and if you find the real italian ones, not fakes!)
herbs - parsley, watercress, chervil, chive, whatever you like
spices - nutmeg, pepper
(+ a bit of salt if you dont have good salty grated cheese or spices)

to finish:
some cheese you like to melt, for example emmenthal, or gouda
olive oil

as a start, you wash the peppers, you cut them in 2 and you remove the internal white fiber and the little annoying seeds. put them in a baking tin

then you put all the stuffing ingredients in a bowl

and you mix them, but not too much

now you just fill the peppers with the stuffing mix

and you top them with a melting cheese (i didnt have any real one so i used mini Babybel haha)

now you fill the bottom of the baking tin with water. why? because we want to cook the peppers with a mix of boil and steam! fried peppers are too heavy for your stomach :stuck_out_tongue: but add salt and some olive oil in the water (a couple of spoons, it depends on the quantity of peppers ofc) - it improves the flavour! how much water? again it depends on the quantity of peppers, but in general just less than one centimeter, you dont want to drown them!
cover the baking tin (if you dont have a proper steam cover you can just use aluminium and make few little holes with a fork or a tootpick)
put it in the oven at 200 °C

after 40 minutes you should have something like this:

here Fleur and Aldo opinions diverge, Fleur is good with this time, Aldo doesnt like crunchy vegetables so he would add 5 minutes more in the oven (with no cover). then you just taste them and see how do u like your stuffed peppers :slight_smile:

buon appetito!


I have tried this speciality of the Fleur&Aldo cuisine and it was yum! :gogogo:
In the version I am used to making I normally put rice as I am not such a fan of meat (ha ha ha).

im open to experiments, gief the recipe please :stuck_out_tongue:

HA! good thing i save most of the forum stuff in the Prelude folder on my backup disc, got the picces back!

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