Northern people please help! Xmas recipe

Hello all you norwegians and all the others! i need help for my xmas dinner, pretty please?

i found a recipe for an herring paté that looks very tasty, but im not sure sure about the ingredients - and the recipe suggest to marinade the herrings in the milk for 8 hours before to make the paté
so my questions: i guess that works for smoked ones?
and also: wich sauce is good with this? some berry one? i know you ppl like berries sauces with fish and meat, do u have a recipe for me?

Hey Fleur,

I am not 100% sure about this, but I think marinating the herrings in milk is to make them even more tender, but also to reduce the salty taste a bit. Herring can be very overwhelming in a dish.
I’m not sure about the smoked ones tho… Maybe you should taste the smoked ones before marinating them. If they are mild and soft in taste you don’t have to marinade them.

For my own personal taste I wouldn’t go with a berry sauce with it, but a dill or a soft dill-mustard sauce. But that’s my personal taste :wink:

Good luck hun!

Thanks J, i changed my mind and made a tuna mousse, the herring one sounded too complicated :slight_smile:
Here the piccies of the dishes:


here the tuna and olives mousse inside lemons! also a salad made by potatoes and shrimps, and smoked salmon canapés


these are 2 different cheese creams! one (goat cheese, chive and almonds) fills the mortadella rolls, the other is made with gorgonzola and walnuts and it’s presented inside endive salat

Wow Fleur! Looks lovely

That looks sooo good, yummy