Charlie - Want to Raid :)

About your char

  • Name: Aleaza
  • Class: Demon Hunter
  • Preferred First Spec.: Havoc
  • Secondary Spec.: Vengeance
  • Professions: Eng/Min
  • Armory profile:
  • Total time played on this character (type /played in-game):Not long
    ( If you have switched character, please tell us his name and realm.)
  • Online combat logs from your recent raids (optional):
    (This will greatly help us evaluate your application)

For Transferred / Name Change and or Faction Change only

  • Previous Realm: Dragonblight
  • Previous Char Name: Zoti
  • Previous Guild: Prelude

About You

  • Name: Charlie Paterson
  • Age: 43 i think
  • Country: Scottish
  • A bit about myself: Not again lol. I like to drink i like WOW. I think im uber leet, but maybe im not all that. I love Ulduar. IRL I like watching F1, like Politics, brexit is fun lol. Other games, i like Dark Souls, Path of Exile for a while…
  • Are you in control of your own time? Yes
    (Do your parents shut down your modem, or you have to eat after our raids have started, etc)

I have a 78MB connection at the moment and its stable…

Your Past

  • Raid Experience: Returning player. i thought i was ok but i know i was annoying…
  • Previous Guilds (and why you left/are leaving them): Work, but unemployed now so can stay for any extended raid, i know it can happen…

General Info

  • We require our raider to join our raids on Wed., Thu. and Mon. Are you able to raid on those 3 days ?



  • If required, would you be willing to play your secondary spec.?: Yes, main spec is 405 gear, but i think my gear does both specs… i will be willing to try…

  • What should we expect of you?: somone who listens to instructions. I have respect for blue and fluer if they still there.

  • And what do you expect of us?: dont sentence me for past crimes :slight_smile:

  • Do you already know someone in Prelude?: hope so. I miss our late night drunken sining sessions…

I have read, understood and I agree with Prelude Guild Rules: (please actually read the guild rules and only type YES here after you do that)


Technical Info
What kind of computer are you playing WoW with: Just bought this baby this year, PCI hard drive, my pc runs fast :slight_smile:
What type of internet connection do you have:

78mb advertised.

How often do you have disconnections:


What’s your average FPS in raids:

60 i will say, but all the flash bangs, my video card can handle…

Do you have an authenticator?: Yes.

One more thing…

Im serious, im on our sister realm Defias and will do char transfer if u accept me…



OMFG zoti !
you know i DIDN’T kick your boomkin and hunter from Prelude, do you?
and yes, i wont sentence you for past crimes, as soon as you dont commit new ones :stuck_out_tongue:

and lol your account in the forum wasnt deleted either you see you are still labeled as “guildie”. just contact any officer in game and we’ll invite you

i hate you :heart:

Thats good news. Char transfer in progress. I prob messed it up by having a DH on dragonblight already. ATM i cant log in with Aleaza.

Ty Fleur for your loyalty. looking forward so much now…

Welcome back :blush: I still remember how hard it was to understand your Scottish :crazy_face: